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151 now in Belarus Spector, Ida (I4848)
152 now in Ukraine Markovits, Ferenc (I4207)
153 Now Kanczuga, Poland Feldman, Nellie (Neche) (I4667)
154 Now Slovenia Mlakar, James (Ignatz) (I4291)
155 Of Helen and Samuel:

one was born and died between 1900 and 1905, the other was born and died between 1910 and 1920
Family F340
156 Official records show the usual lack of consistency regarding DOB. Barrett, Patrick (I998)
157 Original name Ewald Rus Stevens, Walter (I462)
158 Original name Shier Herschel Zupnik, then Sam Harry Zaupnick Lieberman, Harry (I548)
159 Original name Shier Herschel Zupnik, then Sam Harry Zaupnick  Lieberman, Harry (I548)
160 Original name unknown Brown, Louis (I4544)
161 Original name was apparently MARKOVICS Markovits, Ferenc (I4207)
162 original Tashletsky Tash, Daniel (I4169)
163 Originally Roy Ernest Yanuci Yancey, Roy (I1116)
164 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Seiler, C.A. (I2067)
165 Probably nursing home. Legal residence still Colerain Dikant, Rudolph (I4412)
166 Records split between 1895 and 1896 Brown, Eugene (I4545)
167 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1634
168 Somewhere along the way, Elaine G. became Alice Joan
Greenberg, Elaine G. (Alice J.) (I4180)
169 Spelled "Dorsie" on some records, including tombstone. Saffell, Dorsey U. (I1835)
170 Stillborn Lendon, Marie (I1491)
171 SUPPOSITION based on Urwin bible letter and FreeBMD index refering to Dec 1858 death Grieve, Mary (I792)
172 The Battle of Pickett's Mill was fought on May 27, 1864, in Paulding County, Georgia during the American Civil War between Union and Confederate forces. Union Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman attempted an attack on the right flank of Confederate Gen. Joseph E. Johnston.

After the Union defeat at New Hope Church, Sherman ordered Maj. Gen. Oliver O. Howard to attack Johnston's seemingly exposed right flank. The Confederates were ready for the attack, which did not unfold as planned because supporting troops never appeared. The Confederates repulsed the attack causing high casualties.

Company E 15th Ohio Volunteer Infantry 
Anderson, Thomas M. (I1594)
173 The family name was spelled every conceivable way on early documents, including "Woelf" on the ship's manifest.
They seem to have stablized on "Wolfe" after about 1900. But exceptions still persisted.
Family F375
174 These names may or not be accurate. There is much disagreement on the matter. Conners, Bridget Catherine (I999)
175 various dates from 1815-1825 Lucas, Garnet Emmett (I180)
176 Variously known as Arilda, Zerilda or simply Rilda. McGary, Zerilda (I1191)
177 Very likely, but can't verify from a mere index. Grieves, Jane (I527)
178 WEST Virginia did not yet exist Wilcox, Etta (I4031)

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